Introducing MDES: Empowering Data Exchange

In the fast-paced landscape of modern manufacturing, efficient data exchange between software systems is the backbone of streamlined operations. With the Manufacturing Data Exchange Specification (MDES), we are excited to introduce an initiative that aims to improve the way data flows across the industry.

Our Vision

MDES was born from the vision of creating a seamless digital ecosystem for discrete manufacturing, where software systems can effortlessly communicate with each other. We understand the challenges that arise when attempting to connect different software tools and processes, hindering the smooth flow of information. With this initiative, we strive to establish a universal digital description of physical production assets that acts as a bridge between existing standards, such as ISO13399 (Cutting tool data representation and exchange) or DIN4000-190 / DIN4003-190 (Tabular Layouts and 3D description of fixture devices) and enhances their practical usability.

The Initiative

At MDES, we believe in collaboration and inclusivity. Our initiative proposes an open and publicly accessible specification that will empower manufacturers and software creators alike to integrate seamlessly into digital process chains. By fostering an environment of openness and collaboration, we aim to improve the exchangeability of data across software process chains in discrete manufacturing.

The Benefits

By embracing MDES, software creators and manufacturers can unlock numerous advantages. For creators of software systems, MDES offers an opportunity to enhance their solutions' connectivity, allowing them to better integrate into digital process chains. This integration will lead to increased efficiency, reduced data discrepancies, and an overall improvement in their end users' experience.

For manufacturers, MDES provides the platform to connect with complementary systems effortlessly. Gone are the days of struggling with data incompatibility issues, as our initiative ensures a harmonious exchange of information across the entire manufacturing process.

Why Choose MDES?

MDES stands out from the crowd by building upon existing standards and complementing them to create a practical and universally applicable data format. Our commitment to openness and accessibility means that every industry participant is welcome to join this initiative. Many already have. Together, we can shape a future where data exchange in discrete manufacturing knows no bounds.

Join Today

If you are a software creator working on CAM Software, CNC controls, simulation systems or digitally enhanced machine tools, who aspires to integrate your solution better into digital process chains or seek a seamless connection with complementary systems, MDES is the answer. Embrace the power of unified data exchange and be a part of a digital ecosystem that drives efficiency, collaboration, and growth.

Get started with MDES today and be at the forefront of the digital transformation in discrete manufacturing. Together, let's shape a more connected and efficient future!

Are you ready to step into the world of effortless data exchange? Take a look at our specification or reach out now!