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Meet the Facilitators: ModuleWorks GmbH - Empowering the Future of Data Exchange

Behind the MDES initiative stands ModuleWorks GmbH, a quietly influential force in the realm of software libraries for computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) solutions. Renowned for their cutting-edge technologies, ModuleWorks GmbH aims to orchestrate the MDES endeavor as a neutral party. ModuleWorks GmbH holds a leading position as a global provider of CAM software components and development kits, earning the trust of diverse businesses seeking to optimize their manufacturing processes. ModuleWorks GmbH has established itself as a respected name in the industry, supplying to clients both big and small. Catering to 80% of major CAM systems, ModuleWorks has grown into a trusted partner of multiple market segments in the manufacturing industry, such as CNC control makers and Machine Tool Builders. ModuleWorks software systems and solutions based on the ModuleWorks SDK have found widespread adoption in the industry and are protecting assets and maximizing productivity in CAM, on CNC controls and machine tools.

That's why ModuleWorks sees themselves in a unique position to orchestrate solutions for the challenges of data exchange within the industry. First product approaches, such as the “Job Setup” solution, served as opportunities to learn and led to the development of the Manufacturing Data Exchange Specification. While continuing the maintenance of the “Job Setup” as a reliable supplier, the legacy of the “Job Setup” approach will continue to grow in MDES and the complementary software libraries in the ModuleWorks SDK. By building on the existing partner network of ModuleWorks, we hope to reach a critical mass that will enable exponential growth of the MDES ecosystem soon.

Championing Reliability and Neutrality

Firmly rooted in their values, ModuleWorks GmbH champions the principles of reliability and neutrality throughout the MDES initiative. Despite their standing as a successful business, the focus remains on presenting MDES without corporate influence. As a result, the decision was made to publish the initiative on a neutral presence and under special license conditions. Within the MDES initiative, every partner is treated with the same unwavering respect, regardless of pre-existing business relationships. This dedication to impartiality ensures that MDES remains a level playing field for all industry participants, fostering a collaborative and inclusive ecosystem.

Endorsement by Industry Titans

The quiet influence of the MDES initiative has garnered the support of industry titans, with major players in the manufacturing sector endorsing the cause. Together, these visionaries strive to establish the MDES data format as a widely accepted industry standard, improving data exchange for discrete manufacturing. Through collective efforts and the backing of industry leaders, MDES aims to rise above individual interests and create a data format that benefits all. The goal is to break down data silos, enhance collaboration, and boost efficiency throughout the manufacturing process. MDES envisions a future where manufacturers, software creators, and industry participants can seamlessly communicate and share information, laying the foundation for a thriving digital ecosystem.

Join the Journey

ModuleWorks GmbH, known for their steadfast reliability, invites you to be part of the transformative MDES journey. Together, let's shape a future of enhanced connectivity, productivity, and success in the manufacturing industry.