The Specification

Discover the MDES Specification: Your Gateway to Seamless Data Exchange

Welcome to the MDES Specification page, where innovation and collaboration come together to redefine data exchange in discrete manufacturing. Here, we proudly present our guide to a universal digital description of physical production assets, enabling a new era of software system connectivity.

The MDES Specification

The MDES Specification is the culmination of our dedication to facilitating data exchange between software systems in the discrete manufacturing sector. This document builds upon existing industry standards, such as ISO13399 and DIN4000, and enhances their practical usability to form a unified, interoperable data format.

With the MDES Specification, we provide a clear roadmap for manufacturers, software creators, and industry participants to unlock the true potential of their digital process chains. This document acts as a bridge, connecting different software tools seamlessly, and ensuring a consistent flow of data throughout the manufacturing process. MDES is under continuous development and incrementally extended to cover new types and categories of production assets.

What You'll Find Inside

Our MDES Specification is a comprehensive and user-friendly guide, designed to be accessible to all industry professionals. Here's what you can expect to find within its pages:

  1. Introduction to MDES: Understand the vision, mission, and core principles behind the initiative that powers the MDES Specification.
  2. Universal Digital Description: Delve into the intricacies of the universal digital description of physical production assets, and its role in connecting disparate software systems.
  3. Data Format Details: Explore the technical specifications and data format guidelines that ensure consistent and accurate data exchange.
  4. Benefits and Use Cases: Learn about the advantages of embracing MDES and how it can transform your manufacturing processes, along with real-world use cases.

How to Access the MDES Specification

The MDES Specification is freely available for download in PDF format. We believe in the power of open knowledge and collaboration, and hence, we have made the document accessible to all. Whether you are a software creator, a manufacturing company, or an enthusiast passionate about the future of discrete manufacturing, you can now take the first step towards a more connected and efficient digital ecosystem.

To download the MDES Specification, simply click on the provided link, and the document will be yours to explore, implement, and share with your teams.

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At MDES, we envision a future where data exchange barriers no longer hinder manufacturing excellence. With the MDES Specification, we provide a tangible solution to embrace connectivity and efficiency.

Let's come together and transform the landscape of discrete manufacturing. Download the MDES Specification now and be a part of the initiative that empowers innovation, fosters collaboration, and drives growth.

Embrace the MDES Specification and unlock the full potential of data exchange in discrete manufacturing. Your journey towards seamless connectivity starts right here, right now. Are you ready to take the leap? Download the specification and embark on your path to manufacturing excellence!